Sunday, January 17, 2010

My favorite part of the far.

Most of our house is still under construction, except for a big portion on the first floor... this is my favorite part of the house right now! A little corner under the stairs is looking very warm to me right now. It does not have the furniture I was dreaming of (a little console, a standing coat rack, and a new lamp) but it is working pretty well with what we have right now! So, I'm happy!

Here is the picture of my little corner...

Enjoy your week,

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  1. me gusta la idea de la mesa con el perchero... y las mariposas, yo estoy planeando decorar un muro con mariposas hechas en ceramica y en medio de ellas el reloj, pero eso todavia esta lejos, faltan tres meses para que me entreguen el apartamento, cuando lo tenga te mando foticos