Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Too long

Holy cow.

It's being almost a year since I wrote on my page (not an easy year) but I am back... this time my purpose is not only write about the house but about our lives here in Morgatown, and the ultimate goal is to make an entry every day! *Sigh* did I really said that?

Anyway, now that I'm not on bed rest, the house doesn't need to be fixed (as much as before) and I have a lot of projects to be exited about, I decided  it is time to share again...

What have I been thinking lately? Well, Thanksgiving is coming, so I thought Max is at the perfect age to understand why are we having this holiday. Still having most of our books in boxes I went to the library, and to my surprise it seems like the rest of the moms around here were thinking just like me! If I found 10 books on the shelf  I'd be exaggerating (like a good Colombian girl), but I guess the librarian saw my frustration and decided to put some more out. Lucky me, between those books I found this one:

And I just love it!
Enough for today, I will try to keep my promise.



  1. Hi Marta -- glad to see your house blog up and running again. I looked for it a couple months ago but couldn't find the link.

    I bought a fabulous old house in Portland, have been working on it for 2 months now. Lots of fun. It was completely trashed, we pulled a lot of stuff out and are now putting it all back together.


  2. BTW, I see that your original post said the house was built in 1936. It looks much older to me, no newer than 1910, and possibly a lot older. I think those fabulous tall sash windows went out of style around 1910, but had been in style for 30-40 years previous.


  3. Hi Ted,
    So nice to hear from you. I think you are right! probably the house is older. When we where fixing the house, Adam found some newspaper on the walls with news about WWI (apparently they used the newspaper to cover the plaster walls) he didn't wanted to tell me that before (the bed rest issue) because he thought I will freak out, but I actually love it! I wish I could know more about my old house.

  4. :) yes, that is a town with a lot of history.

    I will be back in town next weekend, if you are around????